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Have you ever dreamed of having good hair?” Well your dreams are about to come true. Good hair starts with healthy hair and achieving healthy hair starts here at


Unfortunately a lot of people buy hair products because of what the label says it will do for their hair. Some even buy products because it says natural on the label or the product has a pretty packaging. Don't be fooled by any of it.

It's really all about the ingredients inside the products that determine what it will do for our hair.  Healthyblackhaircare is here to tell you the right ingredients to look for in your hair products and which ingredients are actually bad for your hair, whether you wear your hair natural or relaxed.

Exactly how much product is used depends on your hair type. What may work for someone else my not work for you. It's about your hair and getting to know what it will and won't do.

Understanding your hair type is a start in building healthy hair habits.

Are You Allergic to Any Essential Oils

Essential Oils are wonderful and great for your hair and body, but are you allergic. Yes you do need to watch out for allergic reactions to some essential oils. I have had customers who were unfortunately allergic to certain oils like coconut, and tea tree. It's my job to help find that out for my customers so be careful when choosing the right oils for your hair.   



Understanding Ingredients

I know, who wants to stand in a beauty supply store reading what the product will do and the ingredients to. You won't have to do that I have a list of good and bad hair ingredients that will make your search easy for the right product for your hair. Remember every one of us has different hair and the key to keeping it healthy is to learn yours.  


Are You Still Natural

Unfortunately a lot of women just couldn't handle natural hair. I am a hair stylist their are people who can't keep a perm not because they are lazy, they just don't fool with hair period. These are women who actually work hard doing everything else but they really don't like working with hair. So once a lot of women became natural reality set in when they realized that it would require a little more attention then they thought. For those of you who were determined and stuck with it congratulations. You are on the road to healthy hair.  


Relaxers and Permanent Hair Colors

Hair relaxers and permanent hair colors continue to be one of the biggest misused hair products on the home market. Along with the misuse of hair glue (something that we have all been guilty of). These two chemicals are high in the allergic reaction category. They are very dangerous and can cause serious injury. Allergic reactions to hair dyes can send you to the emergency room.  


Do You Take Your Hair For Granted

Out of all the parts of our body we seem to take our scalps (glue) and hair for granted. A lot of us won't do anything to hurt any other parts of our body but, for some reason we tend to take chances with our hair and scalp over and over again. When it's gone guess what, we panic and hurry to find a quick fix to grow it back. Millions of women have suffered from permanent hair loss.


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