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Finding the right products for relaxed hair could be very tricky to say the least. I gave you a list of good and bad ingredients unfortunately, relaxed hair products mostly contains bad ingredients. You will probably find certain ingredients in the product that's good because that's what they advertise. Like Shea Butter or Aloe Vera then turn around and add other ingredients that still damage the hair. Hey, without product knowledge you will leave the store thinking you just bought a hair miracle.

First, you want to start with a good shampoo. As I stated in my book, they make shampoos for all hair conditions. Whether you have dandruff, take medications, or swim they make shampoos for all purposes. If you have dandruff remember a clean scalp is the key. Weekly dandruff shampoo treatments will help if it's only external. (If you see other problems associated with the dandruff seek a dermatologist it may be health related). A few good moisturizing shampoos I find to be real good are Shea Moisture shampoo, Tea Tree w/Aloe and Coconut Moisturizing shampoo both found at Africa Imports. I also like a new shampoo called Nacidit Avocado Oil or Olive Oil shampoo found at Superbeautydepot. These shampoos are legit when it comes to a more healthier approach to cleansing your hair.


When I'm working in my salon I try to accommodate each and every customer. I do use different products on certain customers. Remember what works for one person may not work for the next. “ Do I use bad products too?” Unfortunately yes, their are people who want gel, spritz, relaxers, and permanent colors. My job is to tell them the healthy way and then give them what they want. Using the right shampoos and conditioners are a must for people who like today's styling.

The third product is a good leave-in conditioner. I happen to use both liquid and cream leave-ins. They are good detanglers that help supply moisture and softens the hair before combing. I use Silk Elements Megasilk creme leave-in on some of my clients and Alphogee Pro Vitamin is a good liquid leave-in conditioner. Choosing to trim your ends every six to eight weeks is a must when keeping hair healthy. You decide whether to clip dry or wet.

The last thing you will need are your good heat protective products and equipment. Good flat irons and blow dryers are a good start to a polished style. Most beauty supply stores sells a good temperature control flat iron that are good and affordable. Believe me it straightens 4c hair. I have been buying my equipment from them for years they will deliver everything you need at your door step.

However you choose to wear your hear while relaxed, It's a good chance heat will be involved. Even if you wear a wrap. It's good to protect your hair from the heat. I use One and Only Argon Oil Treatment before placing a client under the dryer with a wrap, roller set, mold or blow dry. It protects the hair from the heat. Silk Elements Mega Silk is a good product mist for flat ironing and shine. EcoStyler is my gel of choice for natural or relaxed hair. 

I love experimenting with products, It's my job to continue to find the best products for my clients. Remember healthy hair is good hair.

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