Relaxed Hair Products

Finding the best relaxed hair products could be very tricky to say the least. The most important part is achieving healthy hair while wearing your hair relaxed. 

First, You want to choose a good relaxer. The truth is all relaxers have one thing in common, they all are designed to straighten your hair. Now that's the one thing that they have in common. Your job is to find the best one for your hair.


You have two types of relaxers Sodium Hydroxide - which is a more faster acting relaxer, this was like your only choice back in the days. Then you have Calcium Hydroxide, which is a mixture of a creme and liquid solution for a more sensitive scalp.

When I'm working in my salon I try to accommodate each and every customer. I do use different relaxed hair products on certain customers. Remember what works for one person may not work for the next. For a more healthier head of relaxed hair my brands are Mizani and Kera Care. Just4beauty has every product these two companies sell. They have the shampoos,  conditioners, moisturizers, protein, they sell it all. 

I love experimenting with products, It's my job to continue to find the best products for my clients. Remember healthy hair is good hair.

HBHC is where healthy hair begins.

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